Pre-testing offer

To get an introduction to our outstanding test functionalities of Kantar Marketplace we now temporarily have two offers:

Pre-test your digital ad for only 995.

We now temporarily offer to test your digital ad (for instance banners, Youtube and Facebook) for the reduced rate of 995 euro! Within 48 hours you know if your ad is ready to launch.

2 TV Link Now pre-tests for the price of one

People watch more tv than ever, and together with the current low prices of tv air time there is no better time to run a tv campaign.

Apply now!

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Feel free to contact our experts with any questions you might have regarding Kantar Marketplace and/or this offer.
Rob van Benthem
Domain Lead Creative
m +31 64 62 70 399

Kelvin van der Doe
Chief Growth Officer
m +31 6 149 768 12