CX Maturity Audit – Becoming truly customer-centric

Your organisation highly values CX and has already made some steps in this area. Now it’s time to evaluate your efforts. Our CX Maturity Audit not only assesses your current CX maturity level but also helps to align your organisation on how to succeed from here. How can you successfully complete your CX transformation?

Four steps to become a truly customer-centric organisation  

In building CX momentum within your organisation you have to pass four maturity stages:
Phase 1: Establish
Your brand starts building the foundation, awareness and understanding for CX management.

Phase 2: Develop
Your brand defines the structure and processes for your CX program.

Phase 3: Realise
Your brand validates the results, celebrates successes, focuses on improvements by using client feedback and embeds CX in the organization

Phase 4: Maintain
Your brand continuously invests in retaining the momentum and builds on to the engagement.

The holistic approach of Kantars CX Maturity Audit

A comprehensive audit defines the CX assets and activities within the organization and evaluates the current state of your customer centricity. The CX Audit shows the degree of maturity of CX across six key areas: Vision & Strategy, Governance, People, Tools & Data, Processes and Value of CX.
Ideally this will involve stakeholders from senior leadership to frontline employees, but each programme can be custom made. The programme consists of four phases:
Phase 1: Quantitative Pulse Check
Using an online survey, data will be collected from stakeholders across the business to determine CX performance against the six maturity key area’s.
Phase 2: Qualitative stakeholder interviews
In addition to the quantitative survey, selected stakeholders will be interviewed to discuss specific CX capabilities in more detail and give employees the opportunity to contribute to the CX agenda ensuring buy-in.
Phase 3: Craft the story
Based on the output of the surveys and interviews, a report will give detailed information on the performance against the six focus areas, showing the gaps. We will also provide you with recommendations for improvement.
Phase 4: Action Planning Workshop
In a final workshop the findings will be discussed, and next steps will be agreed upon to ensure an effective activation and a successful CX transformation.

The clear benefits of Kantars CX Maturity Audit?

The CX Audit helps you to identify actionable steps and prioritize them in order to grow CX to maturity within your organization by:
• Providing insights into the CX strengths and weaknesses of your brand.
• Prioritising CX opportunities based on potential impact.
• Defining actionable next steps in building on areas requiring CX development.
• Involving and consulting stakeholders throughout the business and helping to align the whole organisation around shared objectives for a successful CX transformation.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Do you want to know more about our CX Maturity Audit and how Kantar can help you become truly customer-centric? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts!

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