Whitepaper | (New) Consumer Health behaviors due to COVID-19: what will stick?

What we need and expect from brands is changing due to COVID-19. Within this changing landscape we tried to uncover how the consumer perception of health has altered. Which new behavior do people show and what do they need from brands now and in the future?
Our perception of health has changed because of the COVID-19 crisis. Before health was limited to eating well and exercising regularly. Now hygiene plays a leading role in the new definition of health. Health nowadays also includes cleanliness,boosting immunity (vitamins, meditation), sleeping well and staying physically healthy (including social connections).
Which of these (new) behaviors will stick? How future-proof are they? And what does this mean for your brand strategy? Download our whitepaper '(New) Consumer Health behaviors due to COVID-19: what will stick?' by filling in the form below and learn more. 
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About our Global Qualitative COVID-19 Deep Dive

This whitepaper is part of a major study that has been conducted by Kantar on a global scale. We researched cross-culturally which consumer needs and behaviors are adopted due to COVID-19 and which of these needs and behaviors will stick in the future. The study focused on topics such as health, relationships, money, work, leadership and entertainment.

If you are interested in learning more about this study you can download a sneak peek of the report by clicking the link below. Are you interested in the full report? Please contact us.

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