ThinkTank: Shaping future business   

ThinkTank is a refreshing, bespoke approach to online communities which allows you to get a quick point of view from a group of savvy, connected and future-orientated people on the big issues at the heart of your brand.

Think Thank krachtige online community

By unlocking the co-creative, forward-looking power of the internet, ThinkTank helps you gain deeper insights into people’s lives. Based on three simple modules, it provides a flexible way to engage and debate with passionate consumers on a host of topics – from what drives their brand choice to what they think the future holds for your category.

Our qualitative experts combine skilful moderation and insightful analysis to answer your questions in a simple, yet powerful way.

Key benefits of using ThinkTank

  • A stringent recruitment process which allows you to interact with savvy people: prosumers, future shapers, leading-edge consumers.
  • A perfect combination of raw output and insightful analysis, presented in a concise and visually-engaging way, and delivered with a fast turnaround.
  • Allows you to connect anytime, anywhere, how you want (via mobile, tablet and PC) across the globe at a click of a button.
  • Draws on our deep understanding of cultural specificities and nuances around the world.

Curious for what ThinkTank can contribute to your business?

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