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Developments in technology have changed the way consumers experience brands. There are multiple new ways to communicate, interact and behave. Therefore, consumers experience brands in more ways than ever before, and every experience has the potential to change their attitude and behavior towards your brand.

Not all touchpoints are equal 
In the current environment, consumers have an ever-growing influence. Brand messaging is no longer controlled by brands, or confined to advertising. It can now be tweeted, pinned, posted and liked. But not all touchpoints are equal – some touchpoints have greater impact than others. For example, in the different stages of the customer journey as illustrated below.

Paid Owned Earned media touchpoints
The marketing challenge 
While it is a huge opportunity for brands to create closer, more meaningful consumer relationships, the myriad of choice poses an equally large marketing challenge.
According to a recent study, the majority of managers (95%) acknowledge that the importance of touchpoint management will increase in the future, yet only 7% feel they have a satisfactory approach. With Connect, TNS offers a touchpoint management tool that can close this gap. Connect helps you to optimise your touchpoint planning.
Connect: what is it?
Connect is a leading touchpoint analysis tool providing a 360-degree view of your brand’s performance across three types of touchpoints:
  • Paid media: advertising, sponsorship, product placement, etc.
  • Owned media: stores, product experiences, website, etc.
  • Earned media: social chatter, word of mouth, unprompted coverage, etc.
Connect: how does it work?
Connect measures the impact each touchpoint has on your brand equity. To contextualize results you can benchmark the performance of your touchpoints to competitors due to the holistic, 360-degree view.
Connect: what does it deliver?
Connect answers questions in three key areas: 

performance Improvement en optimalisation
  1. Performance: how does your brand and do your competitors perform across all touchpoints in the category? 
  2. Improvement: how can you improve the impact (and messaging) of each touchpoint? 
  3. Optimisation: how can you optimise your marketing spend?
Connect identifies the most effective touchpoints, so you create more impact with your brand’s message and optimise the return on your media spend – or reduce media spend with the same impact.
Add-on module: sales impact
Connect is a deliberately lean model that can be enriched with add-on modules, such as the ‘sales impact’ module. It identifies which touchpoints contribute the most to your brand’s sales.
It allows you to make even better decisions about which mix of paid, owned and earned touchpoints to invest in.

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