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How and when we use our mobile devices - Web vs App

Mobile 360 is a study conducted by TNS and visualized by Mirabeau. It draws on the actual behavior of more than 1,000 smartphone and tablet users in The Netherlands to provide detailed market information allowing activation of business and marketing strategy via mobile.

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This study is the result of capturing full mobile usage by running an application in the background of smartphones and tablets. Recruited respondents installed the application from their app store, after which the app worked ‘passively’ on the participant’s phone and fed data on an ongoing basis.

The application was installed for four weeks on mobile devices of 1109 respondents from the TNS NipoBase panel:

Android: 770
BlackBerry: 99
iPhone: 243
iPad: 97

Fieldwork took place from the 20th of April until the 20th of May 2012.
TNS Nipo More than a marketing channel: Chief Marketing Officers and the mobile imperative
  • Changing face of the mobile brand
  • Mobilizing the path to purchase
  • A new way to pay
  • Leveraging mobile loyalty

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Mirabeau Insights for an integrated mobile strategy
  • From multi-channel to cross channel
  • How to develop a mobile strategy?
  • Responsive webdesign insights
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Face time

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
Even though tablets are cool, smartphones are more convenient and mobile… users of smartphones are, on average, surfing the web and using applications for around 42 minutes per day, while users of tablets spend on 22 minutes per day for the same activities.
Even during primetime television, there is more use of smartphones than tablets. So: when mentioning your website on television, make sure it is optimized for mobile traffic!


  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Social
  • Other

Mobile drives social and gaming

45% of mobile users’ online time is spent on social media and 25% on gaming. Based on other research, we know that this is relatively lower compared with the behavior of laptop and PC users (around 35% social and 6% gaming).

This website is just a little teaser... TNS Mobile 360 captures much more than only gaming, social and finance. In our report we answered the following questions:

Top 5 Web

Web vs App

Top 5 App

Mobile is apps, but Mobile is also web...

Surprisingly, although we spend far more time going online via apps rather than via websites through the mobile browser, we visit far more websites than that we use apps.


Mobile is not always mobile

40% of the time spent online using a mobile is via 3G, but 60% is via WIFI. The peak use of smartphone occurs during free time when we are at home and connect to our WIFI.

Market penetration

% of respondents who have had the apps/websites within the category, active at least once in the month we tracked them.

Market Face Time

Average time (minutes) spend monthly with app/websites in the category, by whole group: including the persons in the group that are not using apps and websites in this category. In this research we measured 'face time' of the app: the time that an app or website is used on the foreground of the smartphone.

  • Men
  • Women