Webinar: The Innovation opportunity in a COVID impacted world


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has and will have an enormous impact on everyone’s daily life worldwide. On a personal and an economical level. How should your brand respond to the new situation and how do you prepare for the ‘new normal’? Challenges in brand management, media planning, campaign development and innovation are all on your list. How will your decisions now impact brand growth in the long run?

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Where do we stand now? A short consumer behaviour update

Join Hugo Schurink as he brings you the latest data and insights on consumer perceptions during COVID-19. How does COVID-19 impact your consumer’s daily life? What are the trends and developments in what consumers feel, watch, buy and do in these challenging times? And what does that mean for your brand management?

Being COVID-19 proof today vs. being future proof tomorrow

Since the future is uncertain and budgets come under scrutiny, it’s tempting to scale back on innovation. Martijn van Bijnen explores the crucial role of innovation in helping brands thrive through global crises and beyond.

• What role has innovation had in previous global crises and what can we learn from that? 
• What are the short-term innovation opportunities we should be acting upon now?
• What are the key trends and behaviours that we expect to last in post COVID-19?

How (not) to communicate in COVID times

We see brands adjusting their advertising by using specific COVID-19 messages or not advertising at all. What is the best strategy to help you emerge from this crisis as strong as possible? Niki Schroeder shows which elements will help your brand campaign and how you can optimize your creatives.


Hugo Schurink
CCO Brand

Martijn van Bijnen
Client Director Innovation

Niki Schroeder
Director Media, Innovation and Creative Development

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