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Thursday, February 1

About the presentation

Connected Life Building Trust in a Connected World Kantar TNS MIE 2018

The current crisis of trust in the connected world has resulted in a fundamental shift in the basis of trust. People are learning to grapple with multiple versions of the truth. When ‘facts’, authority, or other rational bases of trust are questionable, people revert to trusting their emotions. In this presentation Carol Ansara and Ageeth Ettema show how your brand can establish trust online by activating the three I’s Identification, Integrity and Inclusion.

The presentation is based on our worldwide study Connected Life 2017.

About the speakers

Carol Ansara Kantar TNS Connected LifeCarol Ansara - Director Qualitative Research Kantar TNS
Carol has 30 years' experience as an International Marketer and Unilever Accredited Qualitative Researcher with a passion for the business of marketing, brands and activating consumer insights. This, coupled with a pragmatic business savvy, defines her approach to marketing and research projects.

Carol brings a breadth of experience and a pragmatic, innovative style of working and her passion for and understanding of brands and how to shape them, gives a strong strategic approach to the advice behind the insights gleaned from research.
Since 2015, Carol has led the Qualitative team at Kantar TNS Netherlands and is the lead for the European qualitative community within Kantar TNS.

Ageeth Ettema - Senior Qualitative Client Consultant Kantar TNS
Ageeth has more than 20 years’ experience in market research, both quantitative and qualitative. The past eight years she had specialized in qualitative research. 

Ageeth is passionate about unravelling complex and sensitive issues and wants to shine a clear light on often unconscious values and motives that underlie consumer behaviour. 

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